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New Walk Editions - single pamphlet (all 20 available - specify choice at checkout)

Image of New Walk Editions - single pamphlet (all 20 available - specify choice at checkout)

£6.00 - On Sale

Pamphlets listed A to Z. Please specify which pamphlet you'd like when ordering. There is an option to add an instructional note at checkout, or you can email us after ordering at [email protected] and let us know that way.

* Zayneb Allak - Keine Angst (2017)
'These are reflective, imaginative poems for our time'
Moniza Alvi

* Polly Atkin - With Invisible Rain (2018)
'At once deeply authentic and luminously metaphorical'
Sasha Dugdale

* Mike Barlow - Some Kind of Ghost (2018)
'Poems of a wonderful fluency and scope imbued with a sense of the mystery
that underlies all things'
John Killick

* Kate Bingham - Archway Sonnets (2020)
'Poetry of empathy, celebration, shame and subtle doom'
Kathryn Maris

* Steve Ely - I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heauen (2019)
'These poems are blistering in their honesty [and] thread together a new
perspective on fatherhood, masculinity, redemption and guilt'
Kim Moore

* Rebecca Farmer - A Separate Appointment (2022)
'Poems that examine our physical and mortal neuroses but always with a wit and
knowingness that pierce any potential self-pity'
Greta Stoddart

*John Gallas - Aotearoa/angleland: 40+40 Tankas (2021)
'Why is that owl standing on a station platform in Angleland with a paper bag on
its head?'
Fleur Adcock

*John Greening - Europa's Flight (2019)
'Greening fills his crown of sonnets with astounding combinations and varieties of
subject. He confronts borders and that which cannot be confined by borders'
Martyn Crucefix

* Alan Jenkins - Tidemarks (2018)
'Jenkins stands out among his male peers with his uniquely compelling blend of
intense feeling and elegant style'
Carol Ann Duffy

* Lisa Kelly - From the IKEA Back Catalogue (2021)
'Delves into language'
Briony Bax

* Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Ghalib: A Diary (2022)
'Each borrowed idiom has left its mark on his own.'
Peter D. McDonald

* John Mole - A Different Key (2017)
'Grief is balanced by humour in a way that perfectly conveys the fluctuations of
the mourning process'
Carole Satyamurti

*Belinda Rimmer - Holding On (2021)
'Take the reader inside the lives of the damaged but defiant'
David Clarke

* Declan Ryan - Fighters, Losers (2019)
'As memorable as all the haunted boxers who stalk these pages’
Donald McRae

* N. S. Thompson - After War (2020)
'Succeeds in evoking a whole historical period'
Gregory Dowling

* William Thompson - After Clare (2022)
'Vividly rendering into language those charged moments where the rural
and urban, the traditional and contemporary, blur.'
Rebecca Watts

* Marina Tsvetaeva, trans. Moniza Alvi and Veronika Krasnova - Bitter Berries (2018)
'A significant contribution to Tsvetaeva’s oeuvre in English'
Tiffany Atkinson

*Hugo Williams, The West Pier (2022)
'One of Britain’s most accomplished and distinctive poets.'
Kathryn Maris

* William Wootten, Looking for the Horsemen (2021)
'There is nothing, one feels, this poet could not have language do'
Jonathan Edwards

* Linda Stern Zisquit - From the Notebooks of Korah's Daughter (2019)
'Passionate, hectic, sacrilegious'
Rosanna Warren