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New Walk Editions - single pamphlet (all 20 available - specify choice at checkout)

Image of New Walk Editions - single pamphlet (all 20 available - specify choice at checkout)

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Pamphlets listed A to Z. Please specify which pamphlet you'd like when ordering. There is an option to add an instructional note at checkout, or you can email us after ordering at and let us know that way.

* Zayneb Allak - Keine Angst (2017)
'These are reflective, imaginative poems for our time'
Moniza Alvi

* Polly Atkin - With Invisible Rain (2018)
'At once deeply authentic and luminously metaphorical'
Sasha Dugdale

* Mike Barlow - Some Kind of Ghost (2018)
'Poems of a wonderful fluency and scope imbued with a sense of the mystery
that underlies all things'
John Killick

* Kate Bingham - Archway Sonnets (2020)
'Poetry of empathy, celebration, shame and subtle doom'
Kathryn Maris

* Steve Ely - I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heauen (2019)
'These poems are blistering in their honesty [and] thread together a new
perspective on fatherhood, masculinity, redemption and guilt'
Kim Moore

* Rebecca Farmer - A Separate Appointment (2022)
'Poems that examine our physical and mortal neuroses but always with a wit and
knowingness that pierce any potential self-pity'
Greta Stoddart

*John Gallas - Aotearoa/angleland: 40+40 Tankas (2021)
'Why is that owl standing on a station platform in Angleland with a paper bag on
its head?'
Fleur Adcock

*John Greening - Europa's Flight (2019)
'Greening fills his crown of sonnets with astounding combinations and varieties of
subject. He confronts borders and that which cannot be confined by borders'
Martyn Crucefix

* Alan Jenkins - Tidemarks (2018)
'Jenkins stands out among his male peers with his uniquely compelling blend of
intense feeling and elegant style'
Carol Ann Duffy

* Lisa Kelly - From the IKEA Back Catalogue (2021)
'Delves into language'
Briony Bax

* Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Ghalib: A Diary (2022)
'Each borrowed idiom has left its mark on his own.'
Peter D. McDonald

* John Mole - A Different Key (2017)
'Grief is balanced by humour in a way that perfectly conveys the fluctuations of
the mourning process'
Carole Satyamurti

*Belinda Rimmer - Holding On (2021)
'Take the reader inside the lives of the damaged but defiant'
David Clarke

* Declan Ryan - Fighters, Losers (2019)
'As memorable as all the haunted boxers who stalk these pages’
Donald McRae

* N. S. Thompson - After War (2020)
'Succeeds in evoking a whole historical period'
Gregory Dowling

* William Thompson - After Clare (2022)
'Vividly rendering into language those charged moments where the rural
and urban, the traditional and contemporary, blur.'
Rebecca Watts

* Marina Tsvetaeva, trans. Moniza Alvi and Veronika Krasnova - Bitter Berries (2018)
'A significant contribution to Tsvetaeva’s oeuvre in English'
Tiffany Atkinson

*Hugo Williams, The West Pier (2022)
'One of Britain’s most accomplished and distinctive poets.'
Kathryn Maris

* William Wootten, Looking for the Horsemen (2021)
'There is nothing, one feels, this poet could not have language do'
Jonathan Edwards

* Linda Stern Zisquit - From the Notebooks of Korah's Daughter (2019)
'Passionate, hectic, sacrilegious'
Rosanna Warren